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Recommended Reading
Fundamentals of Search and Rescue, NASAR
The AARL Ham Radio License Manual, AARL
Lost Person Behavior, Robert J. Koester
Analysis of Lost Person Behavior, William Syrotuck
Lost Person Behavior – Practical Map Exercises, William Syrotuck
Wilderness Navigation, Bob Burns
Lost in the Wild, Cary Griffith
Bringing Jon Home: The Wilderness Search for Jon Francis by David Francis

Recommended Reading for Canine Handlers
First Aid for the Search and Rescue Canine, Karen Dashfield, DVM
How to Listen to Your Dog, Carlotta Cooper
Canine Ergonomics – The Science of Working Dogs, William S. Helton
Training the Search and Rescue Dog for Wilderness Air Scent, Christy Judah
Scent and the Scenting Dog, William Syrotuck
Tracking, Signs of Man, Signs of Hope: A Systemic Approach, David Diaz
Water Search- Search and Rescue Dogs Finding Drowned Persons, Christy Judah
Training the Disaster Search Dog, Shirley Hammond
Search and Rescue Dogs – Training the K9 Hero, American Rescue Dog Association

Recommended Reading for Human Remains Detection Handlers
Buzzards and Butterflies: Human Remains Detection Dogs, J.C. Judah